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I can't believe you're mine

Inspired by our little Willow and this sweet song which I sing to her all the time. Available in Butter (warm yellow), Neon, Black and Molten (metallic coppery brown) in our our online store. Screen printed by hand onto 100% cotton acid free paper using eco friendly non-toxic inks. 

Images: olive & joy

eight months

Well hello there! Long time no post around here. I've truly gotten lost in mummy-dom and who wouldn't with this sweet little babe. Our Willow is now eight months, eight months! I truly can't believe how quickly it's going. She is such a happy baby, and literally takes in everything around her. Now sitting really well by herself, getting herself all around her cot, saying Mum and Mumma sometimes (been a bit quiet lately), starting to wave, and enjoying feeding herself pear, banana, and avocado. 

Her favourite toy is a measuring spoon set I got at Ikea. She adores our cats, especially Bella, who is quite curious but cautious about this growing baby of ours. My favourite time is going in to see her when she wakes and seeing the most beautiful of smiles, and toothy ones at that - she got her first teeth a couple of months ago. And I think the top two aren't far off.

I've been working on a few new things for the shop and if I ever get around to photographing and uploading them to the store I'll let you know. Maybe in six months, ha ha! I'm hopeless. But I have a good distraction/excuse. Until next time... hopefully not three months this time :). 


Images: olive & joy

new linen cushions

New Diamond Heart cushions available in the shop!  Big heart on one side, little on the other - all on a beautiful 100% linen fabric.  Hand screen printed using eco friendly inks.  I personally love the little heart side - too cute!

Images:  olive & joy

mother's day sale

It's my very first Mother's Day as a Mum next week and to celebrate we are having a huge Mother's Day sale over at the shop. Mother's Day brings on a new meaning when you are a Mum, especially a newbie Mum like me! 

At the moment it means I will like nothing more than waking up to sweet Willow's smile and spending the day with my little family. And hopefully having a little bit of 'me time' (what's that?) while she has a lovely big sleep! Here is our cheeky Willow below. She is currently nicknamed George (as in Castanza) due to her lovely baldy 'do'. I can't believe how big she is getting, she will be 5 months old in just over a week!

Hopefully I will get the chance to pop back in before Mother's Day to show some new products, but if I don't, have a great Mother's Day!


florence broadhurst sale at olive & joy

I don't need to tell you how much we love Florence Broadhurst here at olive & joy but we have decided to concentrate on our own products in future. Sooo...we are clearing out all of our Florence Broadhurst stock and offering 25% off all cushions and ottomans!!! Yay! Cushion covers from $63.00 and ottomans a measly $221.25. Stock is limited so be quick to avoid disappointment.

Don't forget to enter discount code FB25 at checkout to receive your 25% off. Shop our website our Florence Broadhurst range here.

ps. We also have some meterage that we can sell at our cost price so if you are interested please contact us for details.

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time is flying

How time has flown these last few months. A day passes at a blink of an eye, which is scary as my little baby is fast becoming a little girl right before my eyes. She is amazing. Almost giggling now as the little laughs get closer together. She has finally hit the 6kg mark and is over twice her birth weight. Willow will be 15 weeks tomorrow and I can't wait for her 4 month check up in a few weeks to see how she has grown. She feels so very long and tall, very fitting of her name really. 

Every day is a joy and sometimes a struggle as I try to juggle baby, home and if I can manage it, maybe a couple of minutes of work. Something I'm sure every Mum feels. I've been a little bit of a slack blogger, not posting in over 2 months! But I can assure you that is because I'm working hard on being a very good MUM!

Here is some moments from over the last couple of months.

 Images: olive & joy

precious moments

Precious moments with our little beautiful little Willow. Almost 5 weeks old, I can't believe how time has flown. Not a great deal gets done still when this little one is around. Little Willow who gets the hiccups all the time, who has grown out of her little 00000 clothes and almost out of the 0000 too. Who is starting to think about smiling at us now, something we are so excited about. The little 'practice' smiles when her eyes are closed are gorgeous. Little Willow who has quite big hands and feet, whose eyes are blue for now, but may turn your brown like your daddy's. Who pulls the funniest faces. Our little Willow who we are only just beginning to know.

Images: olive & joy

Introducing..... Willow

Willow Alice Palmer born last Thursday 15th December. Oh my gosh, she was just perfect, and much bigger than anyone anticipated at 2.92kgs (we were expecting her to be only 2.5kgs at most and perhaps need special care for a week or so)! Still breech and with my low amniotic fluid becoming a bit of an issue, my Ob decided to deliver her at 37 weeks by caesarean. Little Willow cried as soon as she came out and is doing extremely well. We only needed to spend the usual 5 days in hospital and I feel almost back to normal. 

It has been a week of absolute happiness and contentment, with the usual side serve of sleep deprivation and the feeling of not knowing quite what we are doing! We cannot quite believe our luck and pinch ourselves that we are now a family. Willow was quite a few years in the making (we fell pregnant naturally with her five years to the month we started trying back in 2006) and worth every single second. I'll share more photos soon but for now I'm going to try to get some shut eye whilst my beautiful baby sleeps.


ps. I'm taking part in the 12 Days of Christmas over at Viv's blog today sharing some of my picks for homewares gifts for Christmas. 

olive & joy giveaway on Miss Green's blog today

Morning all!  We have offered one of our beautiful Atom linen cushions for a giveaway today as part of Miss Greens Christmas Advent Calendar Competition. Be quick as you only have today to enter! Go here for all the details.

Happy early Christmas! Good luck!

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