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beautiful blogs

Here are three beautiful blogs I started reading this week, and all Australian to boot!  

Rain and Shine

Rain and Shine is the blog of Amy Prior, one of the talented girls behind Umbrella Prints   Beautiful hand-printed fabrics and an equally lovely blog. 
 Inside Out

I've subscribed to Inside Out ever since it started many moons ago so their blog will certainly fill the void in between issues with beautiful images and ideas.  Wouldn't it be nice if they went back to monthly issues!  I also found the next blog 52 suburbs through the Inside Out blog....

52 Suburbs

52 Suburbs is described as "a search for beauty in the Sydney 'burbs".   Every week we are introduced to a different suburb of Sydney through the beautiful photos and perspective of Louise Hawson.  Must see!

Images:  Rain and Shine;  Inside Out;  52 Suburbs.

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