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happy haus = happy me

My husband and I have a wee bit of a problem, we seem to have an addiction to building homes.  We have been in our current home (our third we have built in seven years) just four months and still have lots to do - decks to build, gardens and grass to plant, wardrobes to buy, pictures to hang - you get the picture.  But...I am already thinking of the next home.  Crazy, yes I know - this time I am looking at different options for building because building this home was a nightmare, one which I am not keen to experience again, and part of the reason I am eager to move on.

So with this in mind, I was Googling Kit homes and Prefabricated homes and came across many different companies which are building prefab homes.  One which stood out in particular was Happy Haus, who design and build architect-designed prefabricated homes.  The homes look great, consisting of modules which you can add together and alter to suit your particular needs.

But the thing that really got me excited was the timeframe it takes to build and install these homes.  Once you have designed your particular home from their range of options and all the council approvals etc have been sought, it only takes 4-6 weeks for Happy Haus to fully complete your home in their factory.  Then the modules are trucked onto site where it takes a matter of days to install.  Days - not weeks/months/years of onsite building! 

The architects who design the Happy Haus homes - Donovan Hill and Owen & Vokes - have put a lot of thought into their respective designs, ensuring they are sustainable, efficient and versatile.  I've always imagined having a separate studio/entertaining building at the rear of our 'ultimate home' - and I can visualise one of these modular buildings being perfect for that purpose, or maybe for our holiday shack on an affordable bit of land we just happen to snap up in the hinterland somewhere (One can only dream!).

Most of all I really like the thought of a simple, efficient, building process. No more dealing with tradies or builders who could care less, Yay!  The fact that the buildings are well-designed and beautiful is a bonus.  Imagine an empty block one day and a fully completed house residing on it the next day.  That sounds like a dream of an idea to me, I'm definitely going to keep Happy Haus in mind for our next home.   


Images courtesy of Happy Haus


  1. are you both architects? (wouldn't want to assume :)

    found you via your quote on the giveaway for the magazine...

    no time now but will defo come back for more later.

  2. hi la ninja, no we are not architects (but thank you anyway!). I did study interior design at university but do not work in a creative field - hence my addiction to building and need for a cre8tive outlet :)

  3. fair enough!
    I didn't think of returning in case you had replied until just now. boo hoo, slow ninja, slow ninja (however, some people reply via mail, other via comment box itself. impossible to keep up. tsk. :)

    that plate from oxfam is just beautiful (this is a comment recorded in the past about a post of the present. how does the theory of relativity apply to blogging, btw? ;)


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