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little bit of our place: bedroom

I wanted to capture this rare moment when our bedroom is looking tidy with the bed made and no clothes strewn across our bed end.  I like our bedroom, but to be honest I'm a little bored with it. 
Here is what I like about our bedroom...
The shutters - oooh I LOVE our shutters.  Cost a fortune but so worth it even though this photo angle doesn't do them justice. 

The bedside tables - the drawers have a lovely woven leather detail, which ties in nicely with the leather bed.  I am not so fond of the bed itself, I think it looks a little heavy, however it is extremely comfortable (the best!!) and my husband loves it, so that is good enough for me.

The lamp bases - I love the curvy black ceramic lamp bases - thinking about changing the shades to maybe a white, so that I can play with lots of different patterns/colours in the future. 

The recessed section in the wall behind the bed - perfect for wallpaper!

The upholstered bench - I have a few other covers for the (Ikea!) upholstered bench at the end of the bed, a deep grey and a duck egg blue which I would love to make use of. 

The major items are working but I really want to change the feel of the room with some new bedlinen and artwork, cushions etc.  We also need a console table for the other side of the room and to hang some photos. 

I'd like to have a bit more fun with the room, nothing crazy, but it feels a little bit uptight at the moment.  I want it to be more lighthearted and warm, perhaps a little colour will do the trick.  I don't mind having a little bit of a masculine feel to the room, because it is my husband's bedroom as much as mine.  You certainly won't find any girly, girly florals in here (note: I did slip in some florals but in gold/copper/black). 

If we had timber floors I feel like I would be able to be more adventurous with colour and style. I love the feel of our carpet, we chose the best underlay we could find so it has that "oh' comfy factor.  But I really feel limited by how I can decorate because of the carpet.  By the way, it isn't a purple carpet (it looks mauve in the photo) - it is more of a donkey brown (grey/brown).  Throughout the rest of our home you will find a lot of white/black/teak/wenge/olive green/and touches of yellow - a little bit modern, a little bit retro.  I would love to add even more colour to our living areas and I am working on it! I would love to bring that young fresh feel into our bedroom. 

Growing up I was a Sheridan bedlinen devotee, however of late Aura would have to be one of my faves for bedlinen.  They do a great job styling the shots for their catalogues.  Here are a few pic's I like - note: all with timber floors, I knew I was onto something there.

Love this coverlet below, I have been thinking of using silver/greys - is it still a bit 'safe' though?

I could play up the monochrome, lots of black and white - graphic prints. 

This is never going to happen, a little too bold with our black bed, but I do love it so.  Especially the zigzag embroidery on the coverlet - love, love.

Images:  Julie Palmer;  Aura


  1. love LOVE your lamp bases - they're fab! can't wait to see what you do with it! i'm a white linen girl myself so would prob choose a beautiful throw for the end instead and put some pattern elsewhere like the ottoman or a reading chair? love the mono idea though - that aura pic is lovely!

  2. I'm a white linen lover too - I'm trying to break out of the habit. Andrew rolls his eyes every time I buy a new white quilt! I initially liked the silver Aura throw for the end of the bed, I usually have a faux fur one there. Good to see you back - I missed your posts! Hope you had a good break.


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