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my dream store

The other day I was saying how I always dream about owning my own store and what it will be like. I imagine it would have street frontage, with big windows, and lots of natural light. This is a store I found not far from where we live, and I absolutely adore it.  It is currently a hair/beauty salon, I've been looking for a new hairdresser since we moved so I just may have to make an appointment.  How fantastic would it be for my dream store?  But the real clincher is the view across the road!

WOW!  Now to bring myself back down to earth, this is all just a dream because the store isn't for sale or for lease, but maybe one day...   The location is absolutely beautiful but impractical in the sense that it is in a residential area with no other retail businesses.  It also is a little tricky to get to with only local traffic passing by.  But I still love it, all the same, I'm sure I could make it work!  Whenever I find gorgeous fabrics, or products that all these lovely, creative people are making, I wish I had my own store in which I could sell them.

When I was taking photos, I caught the attention of the locals, one of whom struck up a conversation with me.  A lovely old chap who owns the house to the right of the shop.  I really should have taken a photo, he had just finished painting his home lemon yellow and was standing back and admiring his handiwork.  He has lived there for 17 years and told me how the shop was once a bait/tackle shop, fish and chips store, and now hair salon.  He has seen the area change a lot over the last few decades.  I love this little seaside village, it has so much character - and friendly locals!

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