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pixel impress

There have been a lot of calendars round-up's on blogs lately, which I have found lots of fun.  The desktop calendar above by pixel impress is one of my favourites which I discovered, and with the Aussie dollar so well I'm thinking of having a little Etsy shopping spree!

I have been seeing chevron prints all week, I swear they are following me around.  How about these calling/business cards with the chevron print and typewriter font.  I can see me ordering  them in the yellow like the April page on the calendar above.  Or they would make lovely hanging price tags for a store (maybe a little large but who cares they are seriously cute) or gift cards for christmas, birthdays etc.  I really, really, really love these.  They come in lots of other colours and patterns and you choose the wording - so they can be whatever you would like them to be! 

Images: pixel impress


  1. julie, glad you like some goods at pixelimpress! thanks for the post. pam

  2. they are great pam! I will have to get myself on etsy to order some very soon!

  3. I'm loving all the options for 2010 calendars! It is just so hard to pick which one to buy!


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