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sew many ideas, sew little skill

I keep buying little offcuts of beautiful fabrics, collecting them over the years, hoping one day to learn to sew so that I can make use of them.  Well I think the time has come that I learn.  I feel very frustrated that I do not have the skills to whip up a cushion, table runner or even a simple little pencil case.  It would be so lovely to be able to make something on a whim.  My mum recently bought a little sewing machine because my sister and I both expressed an interest in learning, so now we just need to find the time to get together to learn.

When my mum was young I guess sewing was a necessary life skill - women made everything from clothes to homewares - because it was a lot more affordable and there just wasn't a lot of variety available.  I remember my mother making my sister and I bubble skirts in the 80's - so cool!  It is a shame that modern conveniences has meant that many women such as myself have let the skill pass them by.  I don't plan on sewing anything complicated, and I am a relatively quick learner so I imagine I will pick it up quickly once I get myself in front of a machine. 

Some of the fabrics above I already have ideas for - mainly for cushions.  The background fabric is my latest purchase, a current Warwick Fabric design - it was a steal on Ebay.  I'm thinking of using it on a retro Fler armchair, another Ebay purchase, however I don't have quite enough fabric so I would have to order more at full price $70/metre, ouch.  I'm certainly not going to attempt to upholster the armchair by myself though - leave that one for the professionals.  I love that the fabric it is mainly white, or off-white with the touch of black pattern to it.  The lounges we have ordered for the same room are a black/grey colour, so this fabric would lighten up the look of the room, tying in with all our other white furniture.

I have so many ideas for the other fabrics but rather than bore you to death with the details I just might try to put some plans into action instead.  Hopefully I can show off some of my future sewing skills in weeks to come.  I am writing this to challenge myself to do it! 


  1. I really like the combination of colours in your stash photo! Good luck!

  2. Thanks Amy, once I acquire some sewing skills I will have to order some of your beautiful fabrics to play with!


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