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inspiration in the very, very ordinary

I can't think of anything more boring then opening a bank statement, right?  Well normally yes, but look what one Australian bank who shall remain nameless is doing with their envelopes. Very, very clever branding.  Recently I have seen other marketing material using this bank's logo to make up all sorts of patterns and pictures.  It would be nice if more envelopes had a little surprise inside don't you think? 


  1. DEFINITELY Agree!! I used some envelope insides in the design for spoonful - a little publication I designed... hmmm I will send you an email about it :)


  2. Hi Thea! Sure please do, my email address is
    - J

  3. ha! some banks and the like are doing the same at this neck of the woods and it's definitely v. cool.

    check these out:

  4. la ninja - I liked your envelope finds!


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