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an artist at work

Not being particularly talented in the drawing department I am always fascinated at how beautiful illustrations come to life.  So I was really excited to see this video of graphic designer and illustrator Kat Macleod doing just that.  Her illustrations or mixed media collages, are so fluid and beautiful, I wish I owned one.  I have a book which she illustrated called The Cocktail, which I have been tempted to rip up and frame some drawings but just can't bring myself to tear up a book!  Anyhoo enough gushing, just watch the video and I'm sure you will agree.

Ooh and this is cute too.  A Decal Dolly by Kat Macleod, dress her up (reminds me of my childhood, with the paper clothes, know the ones?) and frame her like an artwork. Find this at Third Drawer Down.

Find more from Kat, here, here and here.

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