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how to screen print

I'm gearing up for my screen printing course next week, can't wait I am so excited!  Here is a quick link to a tutorial on how to screen print including a downloadable stencil for the pattern above.  I found the tutorial on the homelife website, home to Inside Out and Notebook magazines.  There are lots of 'how-to's' on the site as well as a lovely gallery section.

Image:  Notebook Magazine


  1. All the best for the course. Love the image above, might give it a go myself, thanks for the link.
    Have a great day.

  2. have fun.

    like the new look and that chair...
    the header's big indeed. but hey, what can you do? if you like 'em big, you like 'em big (sorry, open goal that was + I've just watched a couple sex & the city re-runs. that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it ;P)

  3. Engracia - Thank you!

    la ninja - ha, that's funny! I wouldn't mind the header to be smaller but don't have the know-how to shrink it. I tend to mess it up when I try to alter things. Oh well, it's ok I guess.

  4. I love how creative you can be with screen printing, I did a lot of it whilst at Uni on my fashion course and it was such fun! If only I had the room to have my own studio it would be heaven!

  5. My course was cancelled today due to too few applicants, pretty short notice! Not happy, but.... I found another course and many hours of bottom lip pouting in disappointment was avoided!

    My new Screen printing course is held by Thea:

    Can't wait :)


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