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interior styling

here is a new group on Flickr called Interior Styling formed by Holly of decor8.  If you have ever wanted to try your hand at styling this is the place for you.  I tend to 'style' little vignettes around my home but never really paid attention to any rules.  I simply pottered around until it looked good!

I am hoping to become more aware of what works and little tricks of the trade through the Interior Styling group.  The gallery is a hive of inspiration for anyone interested in decorating or design so feel free to take a look here.  You don't have to contribute photos to be a member so if you are a bit shy don't worry, just enjoy the inspiration.

Every month there will be a new styling challenge posted and this month is a simple one:  Put 3, 5 or 7 of your favourite things on a tabletop arranging them triangle style with the taller items in the middle, you get the picture.  I have noticed a few of my favourite bloggers have also posted their lovely images to the group.  The image above is one of my submissions with 7 items not including the wallpaper remnant I used for the background. I played it a bit safe using only vases in my image.  I did try to use a picture frame with other items such as vases but the reflection on the glass was spoiling the image.
I found styling fun, hopefully I can find some more time to have a play around with it this month.

Ps. I just wanted to try out this drop cap at the beginning of the post - cute!
Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische

Image: Olive & Joy

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  1. can't wait to check it out. I am in need of inspiration on styling.


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