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lulu by norman & quaine

Spotted over the Christmas break, the 'Lulu' table by Norman and Quaine.  I love this table and have posted about it before.  It was nice to see it in flesh especially surrounded by all that Eames goodness.  Guess where I saw this?  A hospital cafeteria! Yep, I was as surprised as you are. The whole cafeteria was decked out in Eames armchairs and side shell chairs in white, black, green and orange. Needless to say this brightened up my day considerably :)

Images: Olive & Joy


  1. Hi there, just stumbled across your blog via the inside out blog - so glad I did - it's gorgeous!


  2. Thanks for visiting Rachael. After looking at your blog I will have to make a trip up to the Portside Markets in Brisbane, they look great!


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