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my latest bargain

These wall plaques only cost me $70 total from Target on the weekend, which was something like 70% off the original price so I couldn't let them sit on the shelf any longer. My husband put them up on the wall outside on the deck which was looking pretty bare.  Verdict?  I like, I like a lot :) 

Oh, and all our decking boards are down finally.  Yippee!  I have been a little anti-deck of late as I took a big fall on an unfinished section a few weeks back. Let's just say it helps to look down every once in a while when cleaning cobwebs above whilst balancing on beams and wayward bits of timber. We haven't finished the bench seating yet so will wait until then to share some pretty pictures. Have a lovely day!

Image: Olive & Joy


  1. That ceiling fan is AMAZING. The whole room looks inviting too.

  2. Thanks u.g. I love the fans too, they make me feel like I'm on holiday

  3. What a great deck, love everything about it Julie.
    Happy weekend.

    PS thanks for stopping by my blog, I was chuffed.

  4. Those wall plaques look fabulous Julie! Your whole deck is looking amazing! Love that floor cushion and will look forward to seeing your bench seating.

  5. Amanda - almost finished...this weekend hopefully! Jx


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