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shannon fricke workshops

Did you know that Shannon Fricke is offering Decorating Workshops in her hometown of Bangalow on the northern NSW coast?  I did, and I planned on booking myself into one but then got caught up with everything at Christmas and forgot all about it!  It's only a couple of hours drive from where I live and it really is such a beautiful drive through the hinterland.  Also keen for some of Shannon's genius to rub off on me!  I will have to book in soon because there is an early bird discount for bookings made prior to 31st January. There are four workshops being held throughout the year in March, May, August and October. Go here for more info.  Maybe I'll see you there...

Images: via Shannon Fricke


  1. I was thinking of doing Shannon's workshop myself in March. It's lucky for me that your Gold Coast screen-printing workshop was cancelled otherwise I may not have discovered your lovely blog. I look forward to meeting you next weekend.

  2. PS.. I have enrolled to do Holly's (decor8) Blogging Your Way e-course next week too. Lots of learning and teaching this year!

  3. Thea - lots of learning is good fun! I was thinking of doing Holly's course but it coincided with the screenprinting one, thought starting two the same week would be a bit much. It is sold out now, maybe next time...

    Look forward to leaning about the world of screenprinting from you - see you next weekend :)


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