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wardrobe lust

Oh Poliform, I want you, I need your wardrobes in my home.  I'm partial to the fresh, white wardrobes, my husband likes the dark, sexy ones.  Hmmm what a predicament, or it would be if we could actually afford Poliform.  Which do you prefer, the light or dark? 

We have an empty dressing room in our home waiting to be filled with all our clothes, shoes, and anything else that finds it way in there.  But first we need fittings. The details in the Poliform units are what I love - it's the little things like those fabulous clothes rails that hang from the shelves above that make them so special. And the floating drawers are amazing! Love. Them.

So ok, with budget in mind, if not Poliform, then maybe Ikea?  Ikea units can look pretty special if done right, right? Ikea have a special until the end of January, get a $50 voucher for every $500 you spend so it is a perfect time for us to purchase. We are going to get a quote for made to measure units also, just to compare, but I'm thinking they will be out of our budget or at least the ones I like will might be? Damn champagne taste.

Images:  Poliform  

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  1. I would so love a more organised wardrobe - I definitely prefer the white as you do, looks so clean and fresh with all the clothes against it. I wouldn't be against Ikea, some of their wardrobe combinations look really smart. Keep us posted as to what you decide...


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