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work in progress: pattern for screen printing

I am taking a course this weekend with Thea to learn how to screenprint and am working on some patterns to print on the day. This is the first pattern I am working on, it is still a work in progress and just a sketch so ignore the edges as I haven't finished, concentrate on the middle section.  Do you like it?  The pattern is inspired by this post way back in September when I saw a cool pattern in laundry baskets of all things! See the pic below...

The ovals in my pattern are more rounded than in the photo, but apart from that a good likeness, at least I like to think so :)  Is the 3D effect is coming through in the middle section?  It is an odd pattern in that you can view it so many different ways. Any suggestions for colours to print this pattern in? 

Need to get back to work on some different patterns now.  Ooh... this is good fun!

Images: Olive & Joy


  1. It looks beautiful. Hope you share the final product.

  2. Paula - thank you! Let's hope it turns out ok and worth sharing, but I will be sure to share even if it isn't great. I'm just learning after all.

    MaryBeth - thank you so much :)


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