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beautiful hotel lobby

My husband and I had a few days R & R up the coast earlier this week to celebrate his 35th birthday.  The hotel where we stayed had a beautiful lobby.  LOVE the screen - there are those interlocking circle patterns again, I can't get enough of them! The modern pendant/chandelier was pretty special too.  I love going away but I am such a homebody that I love coming home even more.  No place like home.  How about you?

Image:  Olive & Joy


  1. Love that screen too!! I'm the same as you - always love getting away for a few days from the day to day routine and relaxing but it's always nice to be home again :)

  2. I was reading this post and it reminded me of something I saw that I could not believe how she made these interlocking circle patterns for her wall! Simply amazing how creative people are!


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