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the last days of summer

I could live in this picture all summer long. Only a few more weeks of summer left and I am still on the hunt for the perfect outdoor fabrics.  Oh dear, I may have it all ready just in time for next summer.  These Trina Turk for Schumacher outdoor/indoor fabrics are gorgeous, so full of colour and optimism. I love everything about this picture especially the sunlounge.  I have been eyeing a similar white sunlounge from Freedom, minus the fun yellow zebra cushions (which I love). 

For a few years now blue has been creeping into my wardrobe. I have never been a blue person in terms of my home. This is how it usually happens with me, I go through colour phases and it all starts with fashion. I started wearing yellow a few years back, I was completely drawn to it, every single thing I looked at was yellow. My best friend would laugh at me when we went shopping! And now, bit by bit, there is yellow everywhere in our home. I can feel blue coming, not a light blue, a bold royal blue.  I don't know how it would look with all the yellow (and green) in our home but it looks pretty darn fantastic with the yellow above don't you agree? 

This is why I love neutrals for all my big purchases, it is so easy to move a vase or a cushion to another room (or the closet).  But a yellow sofa, not so much. That is really my style anyway, I think.  Lots of white, black, timber with a bold colour popping against it.  Watch this space, it could take awhile, but I feel royal blue will make an appearance sometime soon in my home.

How do you choose the colours in your home?  Do you have a favourite colour from childhood, or go through phases like me?  I've been pretty lucky with my husband, we seem to like the same colours but it must be a struggle for some couples. Colour is such an emotional and personal choice.  Oh boy, I've gone off on a little tangent here, this did not start out to be a conversation about colour.  I just loved the fabrics above and wanted to share the beauty of them with you :)

I hope you have a gorgeous colourful weekend!

Image: Schumacher


  1. Love those fabrics - they look so summery! I too like to use neutrals for larger items and add colour in the smaller details. In terms of fashion, I love grey. In terms of homewares, blue has always been one of my favourite colours but lately, I am drawn towards a whole variety of other options I would never have dreamed of considering before. It's funny how your taste can change :)

  2. Amanda - Now that I think about it I have a lot of grey in my wardrobe too - mostly light oyster greys. This is yet to translate into my home though! I think it is good when we start looking at and appreciating new colours, and it's fun to do something different.

  3. Gorgeous picture! And I definitely think yellow, royal blue and green would work together in a home, especially with a white/black/timber base.

    We have a white/charcoal/dark timber base, and accent with ALL colours, and it seems to work...somehow!

  4. i'm really not advertising here .. i just like to help fellow aussies find good stuff. follow my link and check out my range of outdoor fabrics that I use for my umbrellas. i will be doing cushions etc for next summer so if you like any of the designs .. give me a yell (-:


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