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a little bit of our place: back deck and bench seating

We are finished!  Finally.  I don't think we knew what we were getting ourselves into when we decided to lay the decking ourselves to save some money.  But it's all finished now, ready to enjoy.  Here are some pics of the bench seating we completed on the weekend.  Check out the mitred joints - we did good! 

Images:  Olive & Joy


  1. so jealous you have a deck and a yard, they are nice on spring afternoons... ;)

  2. you did that yourself?!?! i'm impressed! you did so great! we got benches installed in our new deck area too but did NOT do it ourselves! pics to come... one day! x

  3. You can be proud that your hard work has paid off. I'm so jealous of this space. It's my dream deck!

  4. Thank you everyone!!!!

    It makes all the bruises, sweat, and long, long days worthwhile.


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