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one of a kind DIY wallpaper

I have been contemplating what we should do on a blank wall in our dressing room. It is the wall you see when you walk into the room and will have a mirror leaning against it in the middle. I really like mirrors leaning on walls rather than hung on a wall, do you?  The wardrobe units sit on the walls either side of the wall in question (very cryptic, I hope you are following me!). The obvious choice for this wall is wallpaper but there are so many I like, I can't pin down just one favourite.

So. This is what I am thinking.  Make use of all of the fashion/interiors magazines I have lying around and make a collage of magazine tear sheets of favourite pics to create my own unique wallpaper inspired by this little beauty above that stylist Clair Wayman put together for Real Living magazine. Pretty isn't it?  The best part is... it won't cost me a cent, and it's temporary so if I don't like it I can take it straight down.  I'm hoping it will look so amazing I will leave it there for good!

I have already started flagging pages in old fashion mags of pictures I like. It is all very bright and dramatic so far, I can play around with the combination until it works. I think I should give it a go, just need to hurry up and put together the rest of the cupboards first!  

Image: Clair Wayman & Real Living 


  1. I think a wall made of fashion images is ideal for a dressing room. Do it!

  2. I remember that article in Real Living and thinking that wall looked fabulous. I think this idea would be perfect for a dressing room - imagine all the inspiring and stylish images you'll be able to find to pin up!! Great idea - can't wait to see your finished wall :)

  3. i love big mirrors leaning against walls in living rooms, but because it's on an upward angle, it's not the most flattering view for a dressing room! you may want to fix it upright to the wall, but still have it resting on the floor to still get the same look, but not hate your outfits in the morning! - maybe?? i'm sure whatever you do will look stunning.

  4. Flagging more pages - I think I will have twice as many as I need!

    captain kk - thanks for the good advice, I didn't consider that the mirror could be unflattering leaning against the wall.


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