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photo wallpaper: first look

First look at our photo wallpaper made up of fashion images from magazines.  This was laid out quite hastily on the floor but I am really happy with it so far.  I think the bottom section may need more colour and some shuffling around of the images.  The wardrobe cabinets are still not attached to the wall, I feel awful asking my husband to do it after work.  It may have to wait until the weekend.  Will keep you posted! Enjoy the rest of your week.

Image: Olive & Joy


  1. Wow, it's looking fantastic Julie! I like the way you've mixed close up shots with those in different poses. Looks great visually. Can't wait to see it up!

  2. Julie, I just love how it is looking. Can't wait to see the finished wall, it will look stunning.

  3. Hello, I just discovered your blog via Homely One and have already seen a lot of things I like! I am busy blogging about my home renovation as well - lots of fun!

  4. Sarah B - welcome and thank you for visiting!


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