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umbrella prints

Umbrella Prints produce a beautiful range of eco friendly fabrics from their studio and shop in Adelaide. Even the names of their colours are wonderful - starfruit, silky oak, momo peach, lily white, and kimono red to name a few. Carly and Amy hand print all their own designs on organic fabrics and have also collaborated with other artisans to produce jewellery, homewares, and softies! Their designs range from hearts,flowers, clouds, and elephants. The girls also teach children's art classes at Nest Studio on weekends. Amy Prior and Carly Schwerdt of Umbrella Prints have kindly taken time out to answer a little q and a for us here at Olive & Joy so that we can learn a little more them and what they will be getting up to this year. 

Umbrella Prints can be found here:
Nest Studio, 147 Magill Road, Stepney, South Australia
Shop Australia
Shop Etsy

Tell us a little about how Umbrella Prints came to life?
We used to chat between the two shops where we each had a business.  We were both too shy to sell our own work, but excellent at talking about each other's work with customers.  It was funny.  We became friends and then it grew naturally into designing together.  We complement each other and like similar things with enough difference to keep it interesting!

What is your favourite item you have created thus far?
Our patchwork fabric is one fabric with 12 different designs within it.  We have used it in so many ways and continue to pull elements from within it to create new designs.

What do you find most fulfilling about being a fabric designer?
Being a fabric designer means designing a product with latent potential.  Really it's a half job - the rest of the joy comes from seeing what people make with it.  It is a collaboration and that makes it dynamic!

Who inspires you professionally, and why?
Passionate people who work/create because they Love it.  Why?  Because it comes through in what they make or do - and you can't fake that.

Tell us something we might be surprised to know about you?
Our fabric is the featured fabric throughout a new book coming out this year published by Penguin Books. 

Imagine a few extra zero's were added to your bank balance what would you buy?
New computers and better internet access to make admin less a part of our day.

How would you describe your interior style?
A:  Eclectic and personal; a collage.
C:  Bold, textural, European, wood, folk - pieces with memory.

What 5 things would you save in a fire?
A:  I could not pass the chance to save three boxes of photographs, a silk scarf my mum wore in  the 70's and my daughter's drawings.
C:  My computer, the photo albums and my daughter's portfolio.

Place in the world you would most like to travel to?
Australia is an excellent place to start!
A:  and Italy, India and Madasgascar for its landscape and plants.
C:  Europe and Japan.
A:  Looks like we aren't going on holidays together...!

Where to now for Umbrella Prints?
We have just completed a range of gift cards which will be in the shops soon.  We are refining our range to make it more readily available in your favourite shops.

Sounds like it will be a busy year for you both!  Good luck with all your new projects and we can't wait to see more Umbrella Prints goodies in store. 

Images:  Umbrella Prints

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