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a day of decorating

A day doing nothing but talking and learning about decorating, my kind of Heaven!  Looking forward very much to tomorrow when I drive down to the little hinterland town of Bangalow (not far from Byron Bay) for Shannon Fricke's decorating workshop.  Although it will be a very early morning indeed - luckily I was reminded of the daylight saving time difference beforehand. That could have been embarrassing! I would dearly love to stay a few days in Bangalow but we have a lot on our plate this weekend with a birthday party we are holding at our home on Sunday. Will have lots and lots to fill you in on next week.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Image:  Olive and Joy


  1. How exciting Julie!! I would have loved to have gone to Shannon's workshop - you'll have to fill us in with all the details next week. Hope all goes well for the birthday party on Sunday x

  2. That sounds like a great weekend! Have fun :)


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