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this weekend is all about..

This weekend is all about relaxing, I am going to indulge myself a little.  It has been many weekends since we have had a weekend to ourselves.  Work has also been a little hectic and stressy so we really need to just chill out.  I plan on doing a bit of cleaning because I can't relax in a dirty house, can you?  Not that my house is dirty but throwing a birthday party on Sunday and going to work all week doesn't amount to a squeaky clean one that's for sure! 

Then I plan on reading some books. My sister gave me a couple of books for my birthday and I also bought one for myself. One of the books I couldn't put down this week, is called Florence Broadhurst Her Secret & Extraordinary Lives. I've been wanting to read it for quite a long time as I adore Florence Broadhurst designs. Well. What a life she led! Fascinating and shocking at times.

Also on the list of things I would like to do, is sanding back the legs of a ratty old armchair that is currently at the upholsterers. I can't wait to see my chair recovered, it is such a lovely 70's shape. Watch this space for a before and after. Soon, very soon!

I hope you all have a great weekend, try to relax, see you back here next week.

Image:  sweetchy


  1. I hope I can learn to relax sometime soon! I'm less than a week into my long-service leave from work, and I'm still wound up pretty tight. Hopefully by the end of my two months I'll be fine! :)

    I would love to read the Florence Broadhurst book - I might try and track a copy down for myself.

    Flying Ducks

  2. arent weekends the best for just relaxing. great post.
    just found your blog from table tonic. + i am in love.
    beautiful blog and such a beautiful collage wall. i want one too!!!!!

    will be your new follower.

  3. Ashlina - Thank you :) dropping by your blog now.

  4. Hi Julie,

    Have you seen the stunning Florence Broadhurst rugs available?

  5. I have seen the Florence Broadhurst rugs - they are amazing. Love them.


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