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before and after: our side/front yard

We are pretty much smitten with our new lawn we laid earlier this week.  Still feeling the after-effects, but it is totally worth it. It is unbelievable the difference green grass makes, not just to the look of our yard but the feel of it also. Geeks that we are, we keep peeking outside to look at the grass.

First image is how it looked almost a year ago when we moved in. Mud-central people.  I wish I had taken more before shots of the progress of the yard itself, most of the shots I took are of our deck in progress.  Dirt just isn't interesting is it? However when our handy bobcat dude leveled out our yard on the weekend, took away our rubbish soil and weeds,and spread around all our new top soil it looked about a million times better than it before. We were impressed with a level yard full of dirt, how sad! I took a few shots of the yard before we started laying the lawn just so we could compare.  Then the completed lawn!  Yay, green grass, green grass!!!

Images:  Olive & Joy


  1. Good job!!! It's looks so great with the grass :)
    And gotta love your deck!


  2. Wow, it looks fabulous!! How lush!

  3. hehe, can totally understand the geekiness. i'm a project manager in a landscape architecture firm, nothing beats the rolling out of turf!

  4. Looks fantastic Julie, you and hubby should be very pleased indeed.
    Happy weekend

  5. aww your home is beautiful, the yard is lovely as well!

  6. It looks fantastic, Julie! I know just how it feels, we lived with a dust bowl for 3 years before we put lawn down, we couldn't believe it had taken us so long once we saw the difference it made. Love the glass panels too!

  7. Fanks everyone :) We are still goofily looking at it, watering it, wanting to marry it! Love our lawn.

  8. looking good, just laid some turf myself.


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