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i found, i bid, i won

This little danish chest of drawers on Ebay on the weekend.  Can't wait to welcome it into our home.  It has to be transported up from Melbourne so it could take a few weeks.  I can see it looking perfectly at home in our guest bedroom or perhaps our hallway, I'll decide once it arrives. Love it!  

Image:  Ebay


  1. HOW FUNNY! I was watching this exact dresser!!!!
    Congrats, it's beautiful!

  2. Snap! What a great buy. I'm impressed.

  3. It followed me home - That is funny! :)

  4. congrats - that's a fabulous score. i haven't been on ebay in eons, but i got a really good score the other day too! i got a huge suzani, going to show it later in the week.

    look forward to seeing some pics when your new friend arrives :)


  5. Great looking chest! I've been searching for something just like that for the longest time.


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