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vintage diamond chair

Confession time.  I have spent waaay too much time on Ebay this week.  But wow, has it paid dividends.  Such as this gorgeous vintage diamond chair (unfortunately not that diamond chair).  I thought it had gotten away, as I lost the auction by a matter of a dollar or two. Lucky for me the original winner couldn't complete the transaction.  So the seller contacted me to see if I was still interested. Um, YES please!  

The chair is in amazing condition, such good condition I was a little doubtful it was actually as old as it was described to be.  The seller assures me it is from the 1950's and the family who owned the chair only used it at Christmas time when extra seating was needed, at other times it was protected under cover. Pick up next week.  I am giddy with excitement. 

Have a great weekend everyone!  

Images: Ebay


  1. oh wow, fabulous score! can undertstand the giddiness

  2. How neat! Congrats on your win! Its always exciting to win something that you really like on Ebay!

  3. Well done on your purchase! I've never bought on Ebay but I have to say your chair prompted me to have a browse ... mmm ... very tempting!

  4. Oh you lucky thing! What a great find :) I've been hunting for a round/iron chair to pile up with comfy cushions of our patio. Love your ebay score x


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