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who knew it could look this good - jaffa coloured carpet

If someone told me they were going to put red wall-to-wall carpet in their home, my first thought would be "are you c-razy!".  Then I saw the home of Interior Designer Grazia Materia of Temperature Design in the June issue of Real Living mag (in stores Monday - it's a good one) and I am one of the converted. Contrasted with her beautiful furniture and bright colours along with lots of white, it looks amazing!  Still not sure if I would ever take the plunge myself, but kudos to Grazia for being so bold. 

Image of Real Living mag: Olive & Joy


  1. Jane (aka the girl in the brick house)May 15, 2010 at 2:29 PM

    I agree with you but still not sure I could live with it. It could be headache-inducing!!

  2. Jane - yep I really don't think I could live with it myself either, but the colours look AMAZING! Admire from afar :)


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