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here comes the sun

do-do-do-do, here comes the sun and I say, it's alright. 

I love to feel the warmth of sun on my skin but I also avoid it quite a bit as, 1. I don't want skin cancer, or 2. too many wrinkles from sun exposure. I read something today that was a major revelation for me. It's actually ok to get a bit of unprotected (gasp) sun exposure a few times every week - it is actually good for you! I knew that Vitamin D from the sun was very healthy for me and my husband is always harping on about me getting more of it, but what I didn't know is that if you wear sunscreen you block the Vitamin D from entering your body. Vitamin D actually helps prevent all sorts of cancers. Of course no lounging in the sun for hours without sunscreen. But a little bit is good and I plan to get me some sun on my pasty skin this weekend - with no skin cancer guilt attached. Hopefully the weather will pretend it's not winter too, that may help.  Read more about the benefits of Vitamin D over at Goop.

Image:  Coco + Kelley


  1. I love the geometric prints in this photo...

  2. I totally had the same revelation (and wrote a post!) after reading the GOOP article! Go sun!!

  3. Christine - that is so funny you wrote about it too! It makes me think in a completely new way about the sun.

  4. good for you, being careful in the sun! i wear a little scarf around my neck to protect my chest going all wrinkly when i'm older ;D


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