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my 'new' old desk chair

Our office has a sunshine-y new desk chair!  A 'newly upholstered' chair to be more exact - as I'm guessing this chair was made in the seventies (the original regulation-brown upholstery gives it away), so it is likely it is older than me. It was manufactured by Featherston Interiors which was a commercial design firm headed up by Australian designers Grant and Mary Featherston. Grant Featherston also designed the green chair that you see in my blog header above. I love the little cut-out detail on the back of the chair, and it's super comfy too which is always a top priority for me. 

The poor chair sat in storage for a couple of years until I happened upon just the right fabric to recover it. I had imagined the chair in a bright yellow fabric, and the yellow fabric on Ikea's (now discontinued) Kramfors sofas was always a favourite of mine but the price of buying sofa covers to reupholster the chair was a little crazy! When the sofa was discontinued however I lucked out and bought the covers for a bargain price. 

It goes to show, that if you have patience and think outside the square, anything is possible. My upholsterer had some difficulty with using the covers to reupholster the chair but they got there in the end. 

As you can see I haven't had a chance to work on decorating the study. Although if you saw it yesterday it looked like a bomb hit it, this is a major improvement! I can think clearly again now, which is such a relief. Tidy home, tidy mind they say. 

Images: Olive & Joy


  1. Looks fabulous! You lucky thing, having a Featherstone...

  2. I love the shape of your "new" chair. And the colour works really well.

  3. I love the colour, I'm so in love with yellow at the moment. It works brilliantly against the grey carpet!

  4. looks beautiful - major desk chair envy. i have a robin day one which is falling to pieces, you many have just inspired me to get it recovered!

  5. What a good idea buying covers as fabric and even better every girl loves a bargain (usually means you can justify buying 2!)

  6. Great Chair. Lovely to have found your fab blog too!

  7. lovely colour, lovely shape, lovely blog! the letter picture in the first photo is nice. where's it from?

  8. Hi Lucia,

    The print is actually a tea towel that I have framed- from Poulier & Poulier.

    They also sell a print the same but I love the texture of the linen myself.


  9. I love the shape of your "new" chair. And the colour works really well.
    Thanks for post.


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