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fabric dilemma - i need your help!

The dilemma - what should I do with this fabric?  I have two metres of  Circles & Squares fabric in sunny yellow by Florence Broadhurst that I am dying to use somewhere in my home. I am yet to decide 'how' or 'where' I will use it.  I have a few ideas sure, one is using it on an ottoman which I could also use as a side table. Our living room is sans side tables so this would work well.  Cushions would be another idea, I already have one cushion in this same fabric which I adore.  Any suggestions, do you have another great idea for how I can use this fabric?

I am picking up my newly upholstered retro chair from the upholsterers today! Can't wait to see it.  I have sanded the timber base for the armchair, however it still needs a couple of coats of danish oil.  Should be able to show you the finished chair next week. 

Image:  Olive & Joy

rachel castle

Can't seem to get this gorgeous embroidered artwork by Rachel Castle out of my head.  This one is sold but you can commission a similar artwork just for myself  yourself.  Must start saving my pennies!

Image: Rachel Castle

this weekend is all about..

This weekend is all about relaxing, I am going to indulge myself a little.  It has been many weekends since we have had a weekend to ourselves.  Work has also been a little hectic and stressy so we really need to just chill out.  I plan on doing a bit of cleaning because I can't relax in a dirty house, can you?  Not that my house is dirty but throwing a birthday party on Sunday and going to work all week doesn't amount to a squeaky clean one that's for sure! 

Then I plan on reading some books. My sister gave me a couple of books for my birthday and I also bought one for myself. One of the books I couldn't put down this week, is called Florence Broadhurst Her Secret & Extraordinary Lives. I've been wanting to read it for quite a long time as I adore Florence Broadhurst designs. Well. What a life she led! Fascinating and shocking at times.

Also on the list of things I would like to do, is sanding back the legs of a ratty old armchair that is currently at the upholsterers. I can't wait to see my chair recovered, it is such a lovely 70's shape. Watch this space for a before and after. Soon, very soon!

I hope you all have a great weekend, try to relax, see you back here next week.

Image:  sweetchy

shannon fricke's little cottage

Friday was a lovely day spent talking and learning about decorating from decorator/author/blogger/interior stylist Shannon Fricke at her little cottage which is her workspace in Bangalow.  I was having quite the hectic week so to indulge in a day like this and in such beautiful surroundings was the best birthday present. Look at this stunning space - so dreamy! 

Images:  Olive & Joy

anyone for high tea?

I thought you may like to see some pictures from the Birthday party we held for my mother-in-law's 60th Birthday yesterday. It was a lot of work but so worth it, such a lovely day. Hope you enjoy the shabby chicness, it isn't usually my thing but I thoroughly enjoyed if just for the day.

I baked cupcakes and scones and they were very popular!  Which is a relief because I never bake and I was worried they would be inedible.  The mini sandwiches my brother-in-law prepared were also very popular. Dinner was marinated lamb and whole snapper cooked on the bbq with roasted vegies, salad and breads. Yuuumm! Thank goodness for my sister's hubbie who was a genius in the kitchen. It was a piece of cake to him. Enjoy!

Images:  Olive & Joy

a day of decorating

A day doing nothing but talking and learning about decorating, my kind of Heaven!  Looking forward very much to tomorrow when I drive down to the little hinterland town of Bangalow (not far from Byron Bay) for Shannon Fricke's decorating workshop.  Although it will be a very early morning indeed - luckily I was reminded of the daylight saving time difference beforehand. That could have been embarrassing! I would dearly love to stay a few days in Bangalow but we have a lot on our plate this weekend with a birthday party we are holding at our home on Sunday. Will have lots and lots to fill you in on next week.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Image:  Olive and Joy

a little bit of our place: dressing room

Here it is, our finished dressing room with "wallpaper" made up of fashion magazine images. Not sure if it will be a keeper long term but I am loving it right now. You will notice it looks very different to the preview I showed you a few weeks ago.  This is actually my second attempt - I started using pages from several types of magazines but I found it just too difficult with the varied sizes so went back to one type of magazine for the images. Another tip is to make sure where ever you start from is level.  I started from the top on the first attempt and found our cornice is crooked! So nice to finally move our clothes in on the weekend. 

Images: olive and joy

more party planning

Gorgeous Martha Stewart paper lanterns picked up at Spotlight last week for my mother-in-law's upcoming party we are hosting. LOVE the lanterns but was tickled pink to find the matching little etched glasses which I plan to use as tealight holders for the dinner.  Couldn't leave the pale pink straws on the shelf either, I know it's a tea party but maybe a pink punch with strawberries would be nice for the littlies and those who aren't fond of tea.   Hope I can make it look as good as Martha has above. Swoon.

Images:  Olive & Joy.