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come on in

A bright yellow door is just so welcoming, doesn't it just scream 'come inside and stay awhile'?  I also was so taken with the yellow 'Cow Parsley' wallpaper in the entrance hall of Sarah Hicks Malone's home that I have ordered a sample. Wouldn't mind taking home her big black dog too. Cute.

Images: via Design*Sponge

ahem! signature prints sale

If you have been following this blog you may have clued on to the fact that I have a slightly unhealthy obsession(for my bank account, that is) with Florence Broadhurst designs.  Well I received an email the other day about a sale Signature Prints are having this Friday and Saturday at their Sydney HQ and what kind of friend would I be if I didn't share that kind of info? 

Remember, if you live interstate or countryside, just email Signature Prints and they will send you some info on what they have for sale which you can then order over the phone so you don't miss out. Isn't that nice, see they are down with the sharing too. 

So if you are after some of the sunny yellow fabric I featured in my last post (ottoman and cushion) or the many other tempting fabrics, wallpapers, homewares etc then I wouldn't dilly dally around.

For 2 days all floor stock will be priced between 20 - 50% off the retail price.
9am-5pm both days
Fri 28th & Sat 29th of May
Unit 2/3 Hayes Road
Rosebery NSW 2018

Images: Signature Prints

a spot to sit, a place to rest a book

You may remember a little while ago I asked for your help in deciding what I should do with some lovely Florence Broadhurst fabric in a sunny yellow colour.  I had been thinking of using it to upholster an ottoman and maybe a cushion or two, but I thought I would throw the question out there to see what you would come up with.  There were some wonderful suggestions, headboards, pelmets, lampshades, quilts, euro pillows....  I seriously considered Engracia's suggestion to cover a bedhead for our guest bedroom, that really would have been a wow piece. Being the greedy one I am however, I wanted to have the fabric somewhere we could see it all the time and we just don't visit the guest room very often.   

Many of you liked the idea of upholstering an ottoman in this fabric so I went ahead and ordered a couple of these cylindrical ottomans which serve very nicely as a side tables as well as a stool for extra guests. The second ottoman was upholstered in a green fabric which I will share another day (it came up a treat, and is my husbands favourite).  These little ottomans are so handy as a side table, they became a place to rest my tissue box when I was sick last week and a spot for my books and magazines.  

Recently I found a great tutorial on how to cover a lampshade so I plan to take up Jane's suggestion to cover a lampshade in the leftover fabric.  I picked up this old lamp at a Salvos store on the weekend to revamp, the base is terracotta with a beautiful basketweave pattern.  A spray of glossy white paint on the base should have it looking pretty special, I hope. I'm not sure if I will use this fabric for the shade or another fabric which is white with a green bamboo pattern on it (like the cushion on the chair above, but in green). Which do you think would look best, perhaps I should paint the base first then decide? Has anyone made a lampshade before?  I'm trying to track down the polypropylene which you use on the inside of the lampshade (to protect and give the fabric strength).  I would love some tips on where to find this or any lampshade making tips in general??

I have also thought about resurrecting the sewing machine to see if it is in a better mood at the moment.  Last time I tried to learn to sew the thread kept on breaking and the bobbin had to be rethreaded constantly.  When learning it helps if things go smoothly otherwise I tend to give up!  If I manage to have any extra fabric left over from the lampshade I would love to make a simple tote bag.  It may be easier than trying to sew a zip into a cushion with my limited skills, ha! 

Image:  Olive & Joy

a burst of yellow

Feeling a bit under the weather today, a naughty cold is trying to get the better of me. Hoping this burst of yellow will cheer me up, and maybe you too. Orchids are my favourite flowers, I've had these in the vase for a couple of weeks now, still going strong. Such a mysterious flower, all different sizes, colours and forms. Did you know vanilla comes from an orchid? Even more reason to love them. More bursts of yellow to come next week... Happy Weekend!

Image: Olive & Joy

it's starting to feel a bit chilly

Ooh, it's starting to feel a bit chilly, even here in sunny, warm Queensland. I love the change of seasons, that first hint of what it to come. We don't have such a dramatic change of seasons here really, I know. More like 9 months of Summer and 3 months of Autumn/Winter, we usually miss Spring as September usually brings 30+'C days. I guess saying we have a winter would be pushing it too. But I love that first hint of cold, the smell of smoke in the air. It always brings us back to the winter we spent working down in Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains of NSW. Gosh that was over 10 years ago now. Good times.

So now it is getting a bit cooler it's time to break out the cuddly throw rugs and ugg boots and snuggle up to our loved ones. I haven't even left the house much this past week, I'm in cosy home mode. My faux fur throw rug has seen better days but I was happy to see it goes so well with our Thea and Sami cushions that arrived last week. Remember I saw this very fabric being printed in the flesh, so special. 

Have a good week, snuggle up!

Image: Olive & Joy

who knew it could look this good - jaffa coloured carpet

If someone told me they were going to put red wall-to-wall carpet in their home, my first thought would be "are you c-razy!".  Then I saw the home of Interior Designer Grazia Materia of Temperature Design in the June issue of Real Living mag (in stores Monday - it's a good one) and I am one of the converted. Contrasted with her beautiful furniture and bright colours along with lots of white, it looks amazing!  Still not sure if I would ever take the plunge myself, but kudos to Grazia for being so bold. 

Image of Real Living mag: Olive & Joy

before and after: our side/front yard

We are pretty much smitten with our new lawn we laid earlier this week.  Still feeling the after-effects, but it is totally worth it. It is unbelievable the difference green grass makes, not just to the look of our yard but the feel of it also. Geeks that we are, we keep peeking outside to look at the grass.

First image is how it looked almost a year ago when we moved in. Mud-central people.  I wish I had taken more before shots of the progress of the yard itself, most of the shots I took are of our deck in progress.  Dirt just isn't interesting is it? However when our handy bobcat dude leveled out our yard on the weekend, took away our rubbish soil and weeds,and spread around all our new top soil it looked about a million times better than it before. We were impressed with a level yard full of dirt, how sad! I took a few shots of the yard before we started laying the lawn just so we could compare.  Then the completed lawn!  Yay, green grass, green grass!!!

Images:  Olive & Joy

love you mum

Happy Mothers Day to my Mum and all Mums.  Hope you had an extra special day.  I am off to have dinner with my Mum right now.  

ps. Picture taken in my sister's garden, they grow the most beautiful roses and they smell even more divine than they look.

Image: Olive & Joy 

vintage diamond chair

Confession time.  I have spent waaay too much time on Ebay this week.  But wow, has it paid dividends.  Such as this gorgeous vintage diamond chair (unfortunately not that diamond chair).  I thought it had gotten away, as I lost the auction by a matter of a dollar or two. Lucky for me the original winner couldn't complete the transaction.  So the seller contacted me to see if I was still interested. Um, YES please!  

The chair is in amazing condition, such good condition I was a little doubtful it was actually as old as it was described to be.  The seller assures me it is from the 1950's and the family who owned the chair only used it at Christmas time when extra seating was needed, at other times it was protected under cover. Pick up next week.  I am giddy with excitement. 

Have a great weekend everyone!  

Images: Ebay

printdolls closing down sale

The PrintDolls girls are moving on to bigger and better things. If you ever wanted to own one of their hand printed All Stops To... prints (there are plenty of destinations -Sydney, Melbourne, Brissie, International, take your pick) now is your chance as they will soon be no longer. PrintDolls are having a closing down sale with 10% off and being that they won't be printing any more, they are now practically a limited edition, right?  

If I didn't already own an original Brisbane tram roll I would be scooting right on over to buy one of these.  They are printed by hand on unprimed canvas so are as close to the real thing as you will find, but not for long...

Image:  PrintDolls

i found, i bid, i won

This little danish chest of drawers on Ebay on the weekend.  Can't wait to welcome it into our home.  It has to be transported up from Melbourne so it could take a few weeks.  I can see it looking perfectly at home in our guest bedroom or perhaps our hallway, I'll decide once it arrives. Love it!  

Image:  Ebay