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learning by mistakes

When inspiration strikes I like to get it out of my head and into something tangible straight away if I can - or at least onto paper so I don't forget about it in the meantime.  Yesterday afternoon I sat down to make a lampshade. I was just about to cut the fabric for the lampshade to size and I thought, 'hang on, I should print my own fabric instead for the lampshade'. So I thought for a few moments about what I would print and saw my gorgeous potted orchids sitting nearby.

A few minutes later I was sketching the outline of the orchids straight onto contact paper to make a stencil for screen printing. Then I cut the stencil out and popped it on the screen ready to print.

The end result didn't turn out exactly as planned, I don't think their is enough detail in the silhouette print. I probably should have made additional detailed cuts to outline the petals of the orchid so that each orchid was separate rather than one big glob! But there you go, a little lesson in the medium of print making - one which I wouldn't have learnt if I hadn't made a mistake.

Images: Olive & Joy

what is your furniture fantasy?

Have I got your attention?  Ha, thought so! Now don't get the wrong idea, mind out of the gutter people. I know we all fantasise about our dream furniture find from time to time, even if some may be a little coy about it. I know I do anyway, and these fantasies can be quite elaborate and change from time to time depending on my mood. Usually my object of affection is a Grant Featherston chair, a big brother or sister to the little one in my blog header. There are many different styles of chairs and truly I'm not fussy, any one will do. 

So this is how my furniture fantasy goes, first scenario is finding a Featherston chair kerbside on council collection day, a freebie if you like. Can you imagine? I think I would almost crash my car in my quest to get it! Now usually in my fantasy the chair is outside an old Queenslander home or something of similar vintage owned by a little old lady. I feel a little guilty at taking something so valuable for free from the kerb of said little old lady's house so I go and knock on the door and ask her if she is throwing the chair out (meanwhile holding chair to make sure no one else gets their mitts on it). Little old lady says "yes dear, I don't have any need for it anymore" to which I then offer her $50 for the chair, to soften my guilt (this amount differs depending on my mood - and depending on how nice little old lady is).

Sometimes the scene is a second hand store in the middle of nowhere selling a Featherston chair for $20 or something ridiculous. I once read in a magazine about this happening to someone, so yes it does happen apparently. Maybe not here in Queensland though. Today I saw a Featherston chair (not even a big daddy like the chairs above) going for just under $2500 in a vintage store near the city. Anyway the shop owners in my little fantasy had no idea of the chair's value, so good for me, Yay. Not a highly original fantasy but good just the same.

My husband even had a dream the other day about finding a Featherston chair whilst giving someone a Quote and offering to buy it from them for an equally paltry amount of money. And they said yes. See even hubby is in on the furniture fantasy action. So proud :) 

So my question to you is: What is your furniture fantasy? If vintage is not your thing then a coveted piece of designer furniture (on sale) is perfectly acceptable. Spill.

the julie cabinet

Isn't it gorgeous?  And it's got my name on it, meant to be.  This cabinet is part of an exhibition called Collec+ors currently exhibiting at Khai Liew in Adelaide. Collec+ors is a collaboration between furniture maker Khai Liew and various independent artists and makers to produce unique and inventive furniture designs.  The Julie Cabinet above is made from Queensland Blackbean with Sterling Silver handles crafted by silversmith Julie Blyfield. There are many more gorgeous furniture designs on Khai Liew's website, it's a joy to see such well made, beautiful, contemporary furniture. 

Images: Khai Liew

sweet find - kitchenaid sale

I hope to be baking more sweets very soon. Everytime I want to bake I have to borrow a mixer because I am holding off buying my own until I buy my dream one, a Kitchenaid stand mixer. I have promised myself that this will be the year and it seems this might be the right time. I discovered this morning that Buyinvite are having a Kitchenaid sale starting 6am tomorrow, these sales sometimes sell out quick so I'm going to get in early.  I am crossing my fingers they will have some stand mixers on sale (in a great colour). I imagine there will be a range of Kitchenaid appliances available (mixers, blenders, coffee grinders??) - but we won't know until bright and early tomorrow when the sale starts.  Kitchenaid sale on Tues 24 August - Thurs 26 August.

ps. You need to join Buyinvite to access the sale - it's worth doing, it's free and they have sales on some really great brands.

** Update - Kitchenaid cookware only on sale, no mixers, no electrical appliances at all :( **

Image: Olive & Joy

how to get a song stuck in your head, in style

This song has been stuck in my head half the day, I blame the poster. To spread the cheer I asked my husband this afternoon, "Want to get a song stuck in your head?" to which he replied, "NO!". Then it got the better of him "Okaaay, what song?". I bet he wishes he didn't ask!

I've seen a few other song lyric posters from Blacklist Studio but this one would have to be my favourite. I'm really drawn to the colours and style of the typography in this print and am seriously thinking of buying it.

Hold me closer, tiny dancer.......  or as my husband would prefer to sing (he thinks he's funny) - Hold me closer, Tony Danza...

Image: Blacklist Studio 


Happy anniversary to us! 

Six years ago today I married the love of my life. We have been practically inseparable for over a decade now and he is my favourite person in the world. Pic taken last week at our friend's wedding which just so happened to be on the same little island as ours, aww.. memories.

Image: Olive & Joy

the perfect ensemble

I keep going back to this image over and over since I saw it on Mel's blog awhile ago. Not sure exactly why it has 'got' me - pops of yellow, retro credenza, great mirror? I just know that I love it.

Desire to Inspire via Mel Bombardiere

coolest. cat. ever

Completely gratuitous photo of our Bellarina. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Also a little sneak peek of our new quilt cover which I was thinking of buying way back here.   As you can see Bella approves and so do we. 

Image: Olive & Joy

let there be light

There is nothing quite like a mirror to bounce some much needed light around a room.  We finally got around to buying a mirror for our dressing room and wow, what a difference it has made. The room feels so much brighter! It is also the first time in four years that we have actually lived with a full length mirror in our home.   Future fashion faux pas will hopefully be avoided from this moment forward.  

Image: Olive & Joy

wallpapered drawer linings

You may remember that I was quite delighted to have won this chest of drawers/bedside table on ebay awhile back. Well, she is now pride of place in the guest bedroom and we gave our make-do (for the last 8 years make-do, mind you) bedside tables the heave ho. 

I was very impressed with the wall Viv wallpapered in her study last week. Have you seen it, it looks amazing! I have been a little scared of wallpapering anything myself but I thought why not take baby steps and line some drawers with some wallpaper? I had a few wallpaper offcuts lying around so I chose a white-on-white wallpaper for the drawers of my little danish bedside table. I googled wallpaper paste on Saturday and found a recipe using ingredients I had at home (flour, salt, tea tree oil, water), and cooked it up on the cooktop.  Seriously, I felt like Martha Stewart.

On Sunday I cut the wallpaper to suit the drawers and glued them into place. Instant fresh new look drawers. The effect is quite subtle and I like that you would have no idea that the drawers are so pretty inside. It's a nice surprise isn't it? I guess this idea would work with any paper, even wrapping paper or fabric maybe. I imagine you could use spray adhesive if you didn't want to go all out with the glue-making. Must admit I have more wallpaper paste than I could ever need, left over. Taking up space in my fridge. Might need to dream up more little projects to use it up!

On a totally unrelated note, if you have thing for scented candles you should try this one, Voluspa - Goji & Torocco Orange (the one in the pretty red tin on my bedside table). It was my first ever expensive candle purchase and it is so yummy I could eat it! A really rich, fruity scent.

Images: Olive & Joy