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mary christmas

Have I ever told you that one of my husbands ancestors was called Mary Christmas? True story. I'm going to spend the rest of today wrapping presents and downloading some christmas mu-sic to my ipod for tomorrow and maybe having a festive drink or three. This year we are hosting christmas for the first time so it should be an interesting one! 

Thanks for listening (or reading) this year and for the conversation by way of your comments. You are a JOY to have around! I am so looking forward to next year, it's going to be a good one. I can feel it in my bones. 

I hope you have a fab christmas with those you love.  Merry Christmas to you all!!!


gorgeous gift tags

If you are anything like me you may be half-organised for Christmas by now. So a venture out to the shops may be in order for last minute things like gift tags. Well I just ventured out and trust me, don't do it. It is madness out there! Well looky here, you don't have to because Pony Rider have these cool, free downloadable gift tags. Download, print, cut, sorted! 

Image: Pony Rider

olive & joy pop up store!

Good morning! I just wanted to let you know that...the Olive & Joy pop up store is here. Yay! We have set up our little temporary store whilst the 'proper' website is being built. I think 'pop up store' sounds so much cuter than temporary store so I'm going with it! 

There is a lovely range of cushions, ottomans and prints in the store currently, with tea towels, lampshades, and vintage items to follow in the near future. Please do go have a look and email me or make a comment below letting me know what you think. I love absolutely everything in the store so I'm hoping you will find an item or two that you also love. 

If you are quick you may even have something in your pretty hands before Christmas!

Here are a few more pics to whet your appetite....


Images: Olive & Joy


A print by Kat Macleod.  I particularly love the bright colours and craziness of the first one. 

Images: michigirl shop

learning curves

The last couple of days I took part in a short course to learn a bit about the computer program Illustrator. Before yesterday I could only open the program then shut it just a quickly. I had the tools but absolutely no idea how to use them. I'm happy to say that I can open Illustrator now and actually create something(!). The Panda illustration above I created during one of our exercises. Isn't he cute? I thought you might like him. He is made of circles, believe it or not. Just circles, tweaked, cropped, rotated etc. 

I am still on a very steep learning curve. Yesterday I felt as though my brain was going to explode taking in all the new information. I spent most of the night going back over exercises so I would be more confident today. I am so glad, today was a lot easier even though the exercises were more difficult. It's so empowering to have an idea and have some kind of ability to bring it to fruition. The main reason I wanted to learn the program was so that I could create patterns and designs for screen printing. And now I can, which is very, very exciting! Have you learnt anything new lately? 

Image: olive & joy

shop update

Hi there! I bet you have all been quite curious about when the online store will be opening. Hmmm guess what, me too! I've been a little quiet lately because the progress with getting my website up and going has hit a hurdle and I haven't known what has been going on myself. I felt awkward not saying anything, and I kept hoping it would be up before Chrissy, but no. It looks like it won't be up and running until early next year. 

Not being one to sit on my laurels however I am working on something myself that will be up next week. So you can have a look at most of what we will be stocking, and buy some goodies if you so wish prior to Christmas! 

The vintage side of things will be a little on the lean side but I am working on that every chance I get. One of the problems is that things turn out so nice I want to keep them myself! I keep wondering if that is just greedy or is it silly to sell something that you absolutely love, the vintage stuff I mean. Take the chair in the pic above. I knew I was going to keep it even before I had it refurbished I can blame Jo from Desire to Inspire for that, she has two gorgeous chairs just like it :). It still has a minor repair to do so it isn't even put together properly but I wanted to use it as a prop to take some styled pics of all of my rectangular cushions - it has a very wide seat so works perfectly for this. I'll give you a better look at our chair once it is finished. 

We also have two bar stools we have been working on they are difficult to describe but they have a lovely buttoned seat which has been reupholstered in white leather. Andrew said they would look great at our kitchen bench - and I agree - but I put my foot down, they are going to the store. The legs still need to be sanded back and oiled. When refurbishing my chair above I used Danish Oil but in a different way to when I oiled my Fler armchair. I love the result - a super silky satin finish -and will also do the stools in the same way. I was thinking of creating a tutorial on how to polish using Danish oil, do you think you would be interested in learning how to do this?

Look at me I've been quiet for too long and now you can't shut me up! Okay time to go. I'll let you know the minute the store is open for business. 

ps. Thank you to those who emailed us interested in when the online store would be open and for your support, it means the world. x

Image: olive & joy

thrifted vase

Anyone who knows me is aware that I already own way too many vases. Especially the decorative type that rarely see the petal of a flower. So of course here is another one for the collection! Found thanks to my local Lifeline store. I love the texture on the outside of the vase, so beautiful. It is made in Israel - I'm not familiar with Israeli pottery at all, but I love this little vase very much. 

I just remembered that I haven't shared yet another vase I thrifted a little while back, a bright yellow Italian Bitossi. I will share photos one day soon. With all of this rain it has been difficult to take nice photos. I looked up the long range weather forecast yesterday for the next month and it said that the next fine day will not be for another couple of weeks. Then we should have a week or so of nice weather, just in time for Christmas. Kind of like a weather Christmas pressie, wrapped up in sunshine! I am so looking forward to that. 

Images: Olive & Joy

fun with felt

In case I haven't mentioned it before (and I'm sure I have), I love felt. Just love it. So these fun uses of felt I found from UK based studio Hive are right up my alley. Felt as wallpaper/wall decal, yes please. 100% wool felt modular shapes with a self adhesive backing that can be placed straight onto the wall. There are so many yummy colours to choose from - but I'm partial to the natural warm grey colour.

Felt rug made up of tiny little tubes of felt - looks amazing - and can you just imagine how good it would feel under bare feet!!

Some more playfulness with a bucket made from felt. I can imagine this being used to store kids toys.

Images: HiveSpace