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olive & joy in the press: inside out magazine

Our Kasuri Ottoman in Charcoal is featured in the latest issue of Inside Out magazine. So exciting! Who would have thought that when I bought my first issue 11 years ago. Not me!

I'm so in love with the hexagonal patch cushion and painting in Lisa Gorman and Dean Angelucci's home that features on the cover of the Sept/Oct 11 issue of the magazine. 

Back to the studio front, I've been working on some designs that I hope to be able to print in the next few weeks so it's been rather quiet around the blog. Looking forward to receiving my newly purchased Pantone colour guides so I can select and mix up some new ink colours for the new designs. This time I will write the recipes down. I'm terrible about keeping 'recipes' for my colours, I like to mix by eye, without jotting down measurments. A bit like my cooking! Also have some really exciting personal news I have been dying to share but that will have to wait until next week. 


Images: Inside Out; olive & joy.


  1. Well deserved. Tres curious re news??


    It has obviously been some time since I meandered past your blog, because last time you hadn't yet set up your shop, you were just getting ready and here you are getting published in one of my FAVOURITE magazines!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!! I believe this means you've made it! Now... time to pop the bubbly!!

    :) Hazel

  3. Congratulations Julie ! And I would be lost without my Ink Colours "recipe book". It only takes us minutes to re-mix our colours. So simple that the studio that the studio junior does it. x

  4. Whoohoo for you! Inside Out is such a fantastic mag. Can't wait to see what you're working on. Have fun with pantone!


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