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press: olive & joy in grazia magazine

Our Kasuri ottoman has featured in this weeks Grazia magazine! I like this little moroccan round-up. We have a new design coming out shortly that would fit into this collection very nicely indeed. It's just a matter of choosing the ink colours for this design. My natural instinct for such things seems to be avoiding me of late. Baby brain come early perhaps? 

So I wouldn't mind a little help in that department. Are there any colours in particular you are loving at the moment? I am in such a coral pink phase it is not funny, but Andrew keeps on asking if people want to decorate with pink. He's making me question my judgement which isn't such a a bad thing I admit. I've mixed up an aqua blue, a yellow and a pale green but I'm just not happy with them. So it's back to the drawing board. Suggestions are welcome!

Image: Grazia


  1. I've just mixed up a new pink, aqua and yellow too. It took forever to get the "right" colours though. I'm sure you will come up with something fabulous! xx

  2. Good work! :) I am loving deep pink, white and olive green at the moment - a surprisingly delicious combination! xxx

  3. Maybe you just need white with the blue and green.

    Or a mustard instead of yellow???


  4. I'm into white on white, orange and grey at the moment. Thats what I saw heaps of at the trade fair recently.


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