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I'm starting to feel my ideas for our baby-to-be's nursery are coming together. Here is a little preview of what I am thinking.

First up is this adorable felt mobile from Puka Puka on Etsy. I discovered this mobile then realised I have a tear sheet from Inside Out magazine featuring one of their other mobiles on the inspiration wall in my office (it was meant to be). It's Australian made too.

Obviously it will take baby awhile before 'it' can manage to play with this toy but until then it will look great as an ornament. Isn't it the cutest!  It's called a Brainbow - by Little Sapling Toys also on Etsy. They also have a great range of natural wooden teethers.

Here is the Stokke cot again. I decided to go with my heart and bought a second hand one on ebay for half the retail cost. Apparently it is in perfect condition and also includes the smaller size conversion for when bub is small. Pick it up later this week. Wow, won't it feel real then!!!

I already have a multi-coloured Hang-It-All (you can buy one from Living Edge or Bebe online) tucked away for when we had a baby. We did have it hanging in our hallway but swapped it over for the limited edition walnut version when it arrived. Goes perfectly with the felt mobile, me thinks.

This cute cabinet is the Ikea Ps Svinka obviously from Ikea. I've always loved it but had nowhere to put it. Not 100% on this one. I think the little drawers are perfect for little peoples clothing but will it become annoying with so many drawers??

Desperate to find somewhere to use these gorgeous ceramic faceted handles in the babies room. Perhaps swap over some of the handles on the chest of drawers? They are from Pigeon Toe Ceramics on Etsy.

I might just top it off with a plywood artwork by yours truly, suits the whole colourful/natural theme going on here. 

What do we think? Does this look like a happy babies room? I think it's cute. I've been meaning to take a photo of my slowly, slowly growing belly but slothing around in trackpants (which is all I've felt like doing lately!) does not make for a pretty photo. Soon, though, promise!

Images: Linked above.


  1. Julie it is so much fun putting the nursery together. Your baby is going to be so lucky with your design talent.

    Can't wait to see your baby bump :)

  2. I love the wood tones it will be soothing for the little one. Yes you must show us your baby bump!

  3. I'm glad you posted as I was just thinking of you today Julie. You have the greatest style so I know you will put together a lovely nursery. And yes, belly photos please! xx

  4. loving it, hope you are feeling well!

  5. What an exciting time! Love those handles but.. bubs clothes are just that for such a short space of time. Investing in a traditional drawer unit will last a wee bit longer!
    Congrats again,

  6. Julie how fun to be putting the nursery together. Love how the mobile and hang-it-all blend perfectly. I too think it's meant to be. You'll always be so happy you went with your heart on the Stokke cot. That is a piece you'll be using for years and will truly enjoy it.

    I found having wider drawers very handy when both my girls were babies. I also stored their blankets, own towels etc.

    All the best with your pregnancy

  7. Thanks for your feedback, I agree, I should probably use a regular chest of drawers. I do have a plain white set that I could use already but it is huge so may dominate. We'll see! x

  8. You are going to have the coolest baby's room ever! Can't wait to see it!


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