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michelle armas

The biggest thing on my wishlist right now is a painting by artist Michelle Armas. We have a serious lack of art hanging on our walls and I can't think of anything better than one of Michelle's paintings. I remember reading Michelle's own description of one of her paintings and she said, she dared you not to be happy when you look at it. Happy pretty much sums up how I feel when I look at any of her paintings. They are optimistic, colourful and playful.

Recently Michelle has been painting lots of smaller artworks 12 x 12 inch (for US$100) and 18 x 18 inch (for US$200) in size, which are crazy affordable. Here are some of my faves (ps. most are sold, they sell out real quick). Happy.

Images:  Michelle Armas

get the look: gwyneth paltrow

Ever wanted to steal Gwynnie's style? Here is Gwyneth Paltrow lounging very happily in her Hamptons abode on an ottoman upholstered in Florence Broadhurst's Circles and Squares fabric in Bengal. As you do.

Designer clothes I do not have, but designer cushions? That I can do (Am I the only one to spend way to much money on their house to the detriment of their wardrobe?).

Look how happy she is, Gwyneth must love this fabric a lot. Me too Gwynnie, we have so much in common.

I'm hoping Gwyneth may perhaps Google herself and find my store, something tells me she may like our cushions (sorry that would be 'pillows' for the north Americans). Gwyneth I can deliver to London, or the Hamptons or wherever you are jetsetting to this very minute.

Photos of Gwyneth taken by the talented Eric Cahan who I wrote about here.  Also thinking those gorgeous sunset photos in the background may also be taken by Eric.

ps. Thanks for indulging me in the unauthorised celebrity endorsement of my cushions. 
pps. Please don't sue me Gywnnie.

Images:  Eric Cahan; Olive & Joy

bubbles essential wellbeing

Today we are going to talk natural skincare.  For the past year or so I have been phasing out all forms of chemical/toxic cleaners/sprays from our home and replacing them with natural, eco options. But when I looked at what I was using on my face and body it was a completely different story. I literally have no idea what chemicals and nasty stuff is in my skincare and make up. I was keen to change this but so confused about where to start, and which brands to try.

Late last year we were visiting our friend Kate who has created her own range of natural skincare range called Bubbles Essential Wellbeing.  I took home one of her products to try, the Be Hydrated light fresh face cream, and it certainly lives up to it's name. When I first put it on I thought it may be too rich for my skin, but within seconds it melts right in. The scent is very earthy, containing the essential oils of Frankincense, Sandalwood, Palmarosa and Sweet Orange. I've been using the moisuriser for a couple of months now and I'm really happy with my skin, it has been less oily than usual and blemish free. More importantly though, I feel good because I know what is in my skincare for once. I don't know why on earth I didn't try natural skincare sooner. 

Bubbles Essential Wellbeing is handmade locally in south east Queensland by Kate Watt using premium natural, certified organic and plant-derived ingredients and comprises of skincare, body and baby products. All of the products are FREE of the following nasties: mineral oils, parabens, petro-chemicals, artifical colours and fragrances, and sodium laurel sulphate. Cruelty free, natural skincare for you and your family. 

Bubbles Essential Wellbeing have an
online store where you can view and purchase all of their beautiful products. If you are in Brisbane or the Gold Coast you can even have a home demonstration with a bunch of friends if you like.  

Image: Olive & Joy

destination design

All is now revealed, the accidental print on my floor from the other day is a actually new tea towel design for olive & joy. Destination Design is inspired by our vintage tram roll we have hanging in our lounge room, but with a difference. 

The 'suburbs' and 'street names' are our little tribute to the pioneers of Australian design. From architects Harry Seidler and Robin Boyd, interior designer Marion Hall Best, textile queen Florence Broadhurst, furniture designers Grant & Mary Featherston and Douglas Snelling, and the multi-disciplinary talent of sculptor/furniture/lighting designer Clement Meadmore. 

Works just as well slung over the oven handle in your kitchen as it does framed as art in your lounge room. We love black, we love white, we love typography - so as you may guess, we are quite in love with our Destination Design tea towel. Available in the olive & joy pop up store right now. 

Images: olive & joy

awesome mistake

Did I mean to screen print my timber floor. No I did not. Am I glad I did. Yes! I love it so much I didn't want to clean it up.

Sneak peek of one of our new products, will show you more later this week.

ps. Happy Valentines Day. x

Image: Olive & Joy

styling for thea & sami

Today I found myself moonlighting as a stylist for Thea over at Thea & Sami.  I have no experience in this area, it's just instinct and an eye for detail so I was so excited when my friend Thea asked me to help style some photos for her beautiful range of hand printed fabrics and homewares. Thea & Sami are exhibiting at the Life Instyle exhibition in Sydney next week, so if you are attending please be sure to stop by and say hi. Here are a few pics from the day I taken with my little point and shoot.

Images: Olive & Joy

bueller, beuller!

We are big fans of Ferris Bueller's Day Off in this household. I love a good eighties movie and well Ferris kind of takes the cake. Of course we own the dvd, and few years ago I gave my hubby a "Save Ferris" shirt. We would dearly love to add the house to that list. Cameron's parents house. You know the one, and if you don't then please see below for your viewing pleasure. Mid century heaven. At last look it was for sale for US$1.65 million....

Images: via deedee914