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new website

We are currently working on our new website which is launching early next month. Here is a sneak peek! I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. I love having our Heart Flowers pattern in the background, it's subtle which is just the way I wanted it. Meanwhile I am going to be a little quiet over the next week or so. Taking a little time out with loved ones. Have a lovely weekend.

Image: olive & joy

mid century chair

Here is a little look at our latest reupholstery project. I couldn't resist the lines of this mid century chair when I saw it, particularly the side profile. I had to see past the nanna fabric to see the chair's potential.

This is what I mean by nanna. Yuck, right? There is good nanna, aka nanna chic. And then there is this. Which is something altogether different!

Here is that amazing side profile.

And the front.

The chair was given a new lease with red wool upholstery and a new feather seat cushion.  Those little brass legs were polished up beautifully (I managed to spill half a bottle of Brasso on myself whilst doing so!) and the legs given a good sand and oil. We have it listed in the store right now to purchase but it won't be available for delivery until about mid June as it is having a little trip to Sydney for a photo shoot first. We have also listed the red Featherston chair in the store right now.

So that is what we have been getting up to lately. Hope you like it! 

Images: olive & joy

olive & joy in the press

I may have been spotted at the local newsagent at approximately 7:30am this morning requesting my newsagent dig through all the new magazines that had just arrived so I could get my hands on the June issue of Shop Til You Drop magazine out today. Then proceeding to quickly flick through the mag until I found this, my very first little bit of (printed) press for olive & joy. 

Special thanks to Lisa for finding me and making this happen.

Image: olive & joy 

signature prints' new website

Whilst we are on the theme today of hand printed fabric, you may be interested to know that Signature Prints have a brand spankers new website. It is super easy to navigate with quite a few additional features. 

It's no secret I love Florence Broadhurst patterns, half my store is filled with them! But it was nice to know the feeling is mutual with Signature Prints asking to feature some of our photos on their site and including me in their blogs they love list (I'm in very good company on this list, wow!). I love the little "I (heart) Signature Prints" graphic using the Turnabouts pattern, very clever guys!

Images: Signature Prints

open studio day pics

Last Saturday was Thea & Sami's open studio day to celebrate my friend Thea's new studio (complete with two tables!). Now I must apologise because I didn't come prepared and my camera battery died after just a few pics. I would have loved to take a video of the printing process for you all to see. Above is Thea and her assistant Dan printing onto beautiful 100% linen.

The studio shop is open every Saturday at Capalaba should you wish to pick up some hand printed goodies. Congratulations Thea, it looks fabulous. You can also find better pics than mine on Thea's blog.

Thea is also holding a morning tea on Thursday 26th May at the studio as part of Australia's Biggest Morning Tea to raise funds for the Cancer Council. If you would like to show your support you can rsvp here for Thea's morning tea. 

Images: olive & joy

new pics of the wallpaper

We really do love the wallpaper we chose for our bedroom and wardrobe. It couldn't be more perfect. Now that the impact has worn off a little (we had a week or three of being surprised/delighted/excited every time we came up the stairs and saw it!!) I realised I hadn't really shared finished pics of it on the blog as yet. Naughty, naughty.

Before you go and get all jealous about the Bertoia above, I'm only baby sitting it until it makes it into the store. There are four and they are originals from the 60's and 70's. It is killing me a little that I will have to give them up. Just waiting for some new glides to arrive from the US for the bottom of the legs at the moment. I'll enjoy them while I can! Take your time glide man.

Images: olive & joy

cross cushion

I'm a sucker for simple graphic statements. We already had the Cross Tea Towel, but I thought why should the tea towels have all the fun? So here we are, Cross Cushion in Washed Black screen printed on Natural Linen. I am so keeping one for our bedroom, I love how perfectly it goes with our bedlinen and wallpaper.  Back of the cushion is plain linen and it also comes in Postbox (red) and Watermelon. 

Bedlinen:  'Maxx' from Aura
Wallpaper: 'Bindweed' from Ferm Living
Cushion:   'Cross' Cushion from olive & joy (of course!)

Images: olive & joy