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photo shoot

I've been keeping a little bit of a secret. Earlier this month our home was photographed for a magazine! If you have been following me on Twitter it may not be such a secret as in my excited (and terrified) state I tweeted about it on the morning of the shoot. Honestly it still feels surreal that it even happened. I don't know if I will quite believe it until the magazine comes out. I have no idea when that will be, but I think possibly Spring sometime, so still a few months away.

We knew about the shoot for a few months and did some things to get ready - remember we wallpapered our bedroom and wardrobe? But we didn't actually have the date confirmed until we were jetting off for Hawaii, and then had three days to prepare when we got back. It was hectic to say the least. I spent more time cleaning than styling the house, which I kind of regret. But the stylist did what she does best, 'styling', (our stuff, just moved around - so it was still very 'us') to make our home photo-ready. 

I wish we had taken some photos on the day but by the time I had the time to think of it the day was almost over. It was a really great day, the weather behaved, and the stylist and photographer were both amazing. I learnt so much just watching them do their thing. 

Closer to the date I will of course let you know when and where it will be published. The most I can say right now is that is one of my all time favourite Aussie interior magazines (just to keep you guessing, hee hee). 

Image: olive & joy

come visit our new website

Hi folks, our new website is now live at  Please come take a look and tell us what you think. There will be a few minor things to be changed but for the most part it is finished. There are some great new features, such as giving you the option of shipping just a cushion cover rather than a cushion with insert - meaning big savings in shipping, especially for our international customers. We also have shipping calculators which will calculate the exact shipping to your destination, you can check this before checking out.

We also have a wishlist feature so if you are a big browser (like me) and want to curate your own wishlist at olive & joy, you can do this also. I've added more of our own printed cushions to the store in some new colours, so I hope you like them :)

Anyhoo, please pop over for a peek. I hope you like it!

ps. Especially for my loyal blog readers I have added a discount code to the store giving a 10% discount off everything, offer ends this Sunday. Enter code BLOGLOVE10 at checkout. Thank you!!!

Images: olive & joy


Last month Andrew and I flew to Hawaii for a break with Andrew's parents and my Mum. Andrew and I had previously been to Hawaii a few years ago and loved it. Andy's Mum has Parkinson's so travelling is getting more difficult for her but she has always dreamed of going to Hawaii so we thought this was a good time to do it. And I brought my Mum along for good measure!  It was Mum's first trip overseas so I was really excited to share it with her.

Seeing as we have been back for almost two weeks I thought it's about time I share some pics. We stayed in Waikiki on the island of Oahu and this was the view from our room.

We spend a good amount of time lolling around on floatable lounges in the crystal clear (and warm!) waters. The weather was beautiful, I highly recommend escaping winter and travelling somewhere warm, so nice to experience summer in winter time!

The motley crew: from left Andy's Mum and Dad, my Mum, Andrew and I on our way to the Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor.

What can be seen from the remains of the SS Arizona from the surface. Even if you don't think you would be all that interested in visiting Pearl Harbor I highly recommend going. I didn't think I would enjoy it but I really did. We watched a documentary in a Theatre prior to visiting the memorial and it set the scene (and mood) for what we were to see. 

Hanauma Bay, excellent for snorkelling and very pretty from above.

View from the Pali lookout. It was really windy and absolutely freezing up here. There were wild chickens with all their little chicks scampering around the parking lot amongst buses - scary! One little chick was sick and wasn't moving, just chirping by itself with no mother hen in sight. I wanted to save it so badly, we picked it up and put it out of harms way but it was freezing up there so I didn't have much hope for the poor little chick. Broke my heart.

View of the 'Big Island' of Hawaii from air. The oldies took a day trip to the Big Island to see the volcano. I wasn't well so Andrew and I stayed behind.

Lava rock on Hawaii. There is no guarantee of seeing flowing lava when visiting the volcano as it obviously doesn't flow to a timetable. But they did see the glow from the lava as the sun was setting.

And lastly for your viewing pleasure a daggy photo of my Mum and I attempting to hula dance whilst at the Polynesian Cultural Centre.


Images: olive & joy

olive & joy in adore home magazine

Hello! Popping in quickly to let you know that the June/July issue of Adore Home magazine is live now. That cover is a winner, isn't it? I've long been a fan of the work of artist Miranda Skoczek and those painting on the cover are just beautiful. Not to mention the Featherston chair.

You will also find a feature on olive & joy in this issue. Just a note if you have bookmarked the olive and joy store please bookmark this address, as we will be moving from our current home at bigcartel very shortly.

Things are kind of crazy around here right now. We arrived back from holidays overseas late on Tuesday night (more about that later) and have not stopped since. So I best be off so I can get back to it.