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vintage bertoia chairs

I've been meaning to mention we have a great set of four vintage Bertoia wire side chairs available right now in our online shop! Until they sell I will enjoy gazing at them lovingly. As you do.

Images: olive & joy

printing on paper

I've had great fun this weekend trying out a new medium to print on - Paper! So I've created some prints using our Diamond Heart design. Gorgeous, no? There are three colours in stock right now in the shop. And I've also added the option to order a custom colour if these three don't take your fancy. Above is our lovely yellow colour Sunny Day,

also available in Pigeon,

and Watermelon.

If you have a particular colour in mind for this print you can either describe it to us via email or send us a swatch of anything and we will do our bestest to match it for you.

The prints are A4 in size (210mm W x 297mm H) and fit nicely into a standard 320mm x 420mm Ikea Ribba frame (not included). 

Hope you like them!!

Images: olive & joy

geometry and stripes on adore home blog

I'm always attracted to geometric prints more so than organic patterns. Maybe I'm a fan of structure, or repetition? Or straight lines? So very happy to have our ottoman included in this little collection on the Adore Home blog today. The triangle cushion reminds me so much of the triangle pattern I created awhile ago. 


Last Friday I experimented with printing this heart onto plywood. I like it a lot. I'm feeling a little sick this morning so this is my attempt at cheering myself up (and perhaps you too!). 

Image: olive & joy

house hunting

We have been on the lookout for an older house in a nearby suburb to renovate for our next home. It has to have some sort of character preferably 50's-70's. This seems to be the only house that is ticking the boxes, well some of them anyway. It has cute features such as the breeze block wall below and great living room windows. We even discovered original hardwood floors are hiding under the horrible dark red tiles and shabby carpet. The main plus of this house is that at one end of the street is the beach and park and the other end there is a boat harbour and park, not to mention some of our favourite cafes and restaurants are merely two streets away. I can imagine bringing up our future family here. 

On the downside is the size of some of the rooms and lack of abundant sunlight. Mainly due to the giant duplex on the eastern side. The price is also an issue. The land value here is high because the land is zoned for redevelopment. Many people are knocking down the older houses and building duplexes - and on this particular block you can demolish the house and build two 3 storey duplexes. I hope more people will think like us and want to preserve the character of the older homes.

I would show you more of the inside but it doesn't do much to sell the property. It is in perfectly liveable condition but in need of a major makeover. Also unusual for a home of this era is an ensuite bathroom which was added on sometime in the seventies judging by the tiles. It is huge and includes a 4 metre long built in robe. Oh, and there is also a pool! 

Not sure exactly where I will be able to do my printing in this little house, it's about a third of the size of our current home. So a major change for us! I like the fact that the cleaning wouldn't take long though. That is a major bonus! I think we could turn this into the cutest little beach house.

What do we think? Does it have potential? 

Images:; olive & joy