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Right now. Outside. Barefoot. Mixing ink in my great-nana Olive's bowl. 

Images: Olive & Joy

press: olive & joy in grazia magazine

Our Kasuri ottoman has featured in this weeks Grazia magazine! I like this little moroccan round-up. We have a new design coming out shortly that would fit into this collection very nicely indeed. It's just a matter of choosing the ink colours for this design. My natural instinct for such things seems to be avoiding me of late. Baby brain come early perhaps? 

So I wouldn't mind a little help in that department. Are there any colours in particular you are loving at the moment? I am in such a coral pink phase it is not funny, but Andrew keeps on asking if people want to decorate with pink. He's making me question my judgement which isn't such a a bad thing I admit. I've mixed up an aqua blue, a yellow and a pale green but I'm just not happy with them. So it's back to the drawing board. Suggestions are welcome!

Image: Grazia


Necklaces of all kinds have been catching my eye lately. Maybe it's because they will always fit me, unlike my clothes (which are becoming increasingly uncomfortable)! These are a few of my favourites.


We have some big news to share. We are expecting a baby! Yesterday Andrew and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and today we had our bub's 20 week scan. Everything is in the right spot and the baby looks just perfect. I even started to feel it move last week which is the most amazing and comforting feeling. We are so happy to be finally starting a family. The first few months was tough with morning sickness (especially whilst on holiday in Hawaii, that was awesome. Not.) but I'm past that now and feeling really good. 

I had no idea what kind of pic to use with this post as my baby bump is still pretty small, at that stage when people don't know whether to comment on whether you are pregnant or not (is that a food belly or baby belly???). So instead I used the photo of the Stokke cot that I am coveting for the baby's room. It can go from a small oval cot for newborns to a larger cot size and then transform into a toddler bed (and even chairs at a later stage if you want). It's quite the investment though so not sure if the budget will allow but we will wait and see. The only thing I have for the baby room is an Eames Hang-it-all which I put aside after I bought the walnut version last year. 

At the moment I am working at trying to get as much done as I can before the baby arrives. I think January will be here before I know it. I don't think there will be any time for designing or experimenting then. The weirdest thing is we are going to put the house on the market soon and so I don't know in which house our little baby will live. Super weird feeling. Still have our eye on that little 70's house but we will wait to see if our home sells first. It has one tiny room which would be just perfect for a baby.

So. That's our big news, I'm really happy to finally be able to share it with you. Will post a pic of my bump soon, once it grows a little bigger.


Image: Stokke

olive & joy in the press: inside out magazine

Our Kasuri Ottoman in Charcoal is featured in the latest issue of Inside Out magazine. So exciting! Who would have thought that when I bought my first issue 11 years ago. Not me!

I'm so in love with the hexagonal patch cushion and painting in Lisa Gorman and Dean Angelucci's home that features on the cover of the Sept/Oct 11 issue of the magazine. 

Back to the studio front, I've been working on some designs that I hope to be able to print in the next few weeks so it's been rather quiet around the blog. Looking forward to receiving my newly purchased Pantone colour guides so I can select and mix up some new ink colours for the new designs. This time I will write the recipes down. I'm terrible about keeping 'recipes' for my colours, I like to mix by eye, without jotting down measurments. A bit like my cooking! Also have some really exciting personal news I have been dying to share but that will have to wait until next week. 


Images: Inside Out; olive & joy.