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daily imprint interview

Pop on over to Daily Imprint today and read my interview here!

Image: olive & joy

we are all a part of the same thing

So very true, is it not? I was really happy to stumble upon this poster by Dominique Falla, who I met last year when she taught me in an Illustrator workshop. How amazing are the close up shots! Some people are just insanely creative.

ps. You can buy the poster here.


Hey guys!  Just wanted to let you know we have some placemats in the shop right now. Very limited stock though so please get in quick to avoid disappointment.  Coming soon also, some linen placemats with our Heart, Cross and Vintage Chair designs. Will keep you in the loop!

Image: olive & joy

27 weeks

This bump gets that little bit bigger every day. I'm officially six months now which means I'm in my third trimester. Already. Time feels like it is flying! We start our childbirth/parenting classes next week so that should be interesting. I was there when my sister gave birth to my niece so I have somewhat of an inkling of what to look forward to (or not!). 

Baby is still very active, kicking and squirming inside me. I find it comforting. I'm told they slow down a little once they grow. They run out of space, I guess. When I get some time I hope to print some fabric to make into linen for baby's cot. How cute would that be! 

With our house up for sale at the moment I feel a bit anxious about the next three months.  Where will we be living when baby comes? I literally have no idea. Maybe we will still be here, maybe not. Maybe we will be living in a little old house in the next suburb, and dreaming about renovations. Hopefully the next month will bring some answers to these questions. That will put my mind at ease a little.