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Introducing..... Willow

Willow Alice Palmer born last Thursday 15th December. Oh my gosh, she was just perfect, and much bigger than anyone anticipated at 2.92kgs (we were expecting her to be only 2.5kgs at most and perhaps need special care for a week or so)! Still breech and with my low amniotic fluid becoming a bit of an issue, my Ob decided to deliver her at 37 weeks by caesarean. Little Willow cried as soon as she came out and is doing extremely well. We only needed to spend the usual 5 days in hospital and I feel almost back to normal. 

It has been a week of absolute happiness and contentment, with the usual side serve of sleep deprivation and the feeling of not knowing quite what we are doing! We cannot quite believe our luck and pinch ourselves that we are now a family. Willow was quite a few years in the making (we fell pregnant naturally with her five years to the month we started trying back in 2006) and worth every single second. I'll share more photos soon but for now I'm going to try to get some shut eye whilst my beautiful baby sleeps.


ps. I'm taking part in the 12 Days of Christmas over at Viv's blog today sharing some of my picks for homewares gifts for Christmas. 

olive & joy giveaway on Miss Green's blog today

Morning all!  We have offered one of our beautiful Atom linen cushions for a giveaway today as part of Miss Greens Christmas Advent Calendar Competition. Be quick as you only have today to enter! Go here for all the details.

Happy early Christmas! Good luck!

Images: olive & joy