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time is flying

How time has flown these last few months. A day passes at a blink of an eye, which is scary as my little baby is fast becoming a little girl right before my eyes. She is amazing. Almost giggling now as the little laughs get closer together. She has finally hit the 6kg mark and is over twice her birth weight. Willow will be 15 weeks tomorrow and I can't wait for her 4 month check up in a few weeks to see how she has grown. She feels so very long and tall, very fitting of her name really. 

Every day is a joy and sometimes a struggle as I try to juggle baby, home and if I can manage it, maybe a couple of minutes of work. Something I'm sure every Mum feels. I've been a little bit of a slack blogger, not posting in over 2 months! But I can assure you that is because I'm working hard on being a very good MUM!

Here is some moments from over the last couple of months.

 Images: olive & joy