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I can't believe you're mine

Inspired by our little Willow and this sweet song which I sing to her all the time. Available in Butter (warm yellow), Neon, Black and Molten (metallic coppery brown) in our our online store. Screen printed by hand onto 100% cotton acid free paper using eco friendly non-toxic inks. 

Images: olive & joy

eight months

Well hello there! Long time no post around here. I've truly gotten lost in mummy-dom and who wouldn't with this sweet little babe. Our Willow is now eight months, eight months! I truly can't believe how quickly it's going. She is such a happy baby, and literally takes in everything around her. Now sitting really well by herself, getting herself all around her cot, saying Mum and Mumma sometimes (been a bit quiet lately), starting to wave, and enjoying feeding herself pear, banana, and avocado. 

Her favourite toy is a measuring spoon set I got at Ikea. She adores our cats, especially Bella, who is quite curious but cautious about this growing baby of ours. My favourite time is going in to see her when she wakes and seeing the most beautiful of smiles, and toothy ones at that - she got her first teeth a couple of months ago. And I think the top two aren't far off.

I've been working on a few new things for the shop and if I ever get around to photographing and uploading them to the store I'll let you know. Maybe in six months, ha ha! I'm hopeless. But I have a good distraction/excuse. Until next time... hopefully not three months this time :). 


Images: olive & joy